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The Guild of Australia and Middle East Business Chambers and Associations (“The Guild”) brings together Business Councils, Chambers, Associations and organisations seeking to encourage bilateral and multilateral trade, investment and cultural understanding. Between the Middle East and Australia Representatives from each member organisation are represented on our Management Committee and act as leadership body

We enjoy the highest level working and advisory relationships with Central and regional Governments  across the Middle East, Africa and Australia, as well as all linked stakeholder groups and entities


Simon Harrison LLB (Hons.) LSF, HC is the Chairman of the Guild.

Simon’s relationships across Middle East and Africa dates back over many years during which he has worked closely with the Governments and Industries across the Middle East and Africa as well as Australian Governments, and Industries, in developing Business Organisatsions relationships.

Simon is an international lawyer, an Honorary Consul and a former Chair with the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Export Council of Australia. He is also an international lawyer of 30 years having practiced in Bahrain, Europe, The United States, Australia and across the Middle East.

Simon is also a Chair/President of the following:

The Australia and Bahrain Business Council; 

The Australia and Kuwait Business Council;

The Australia and Qatar Business Council, and

The Australia and Saudi Arabia Food Security Council.

 The Guild deliver business and major project seminars across the world.

Email : guild@agsg.com.au

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